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I think my obsessions just got into a WHOLE NEW LEVEL!!! *Nosebleeds* I LOVE ONECEST <3

8) casually smashes hair pulling, hs au, zombie au, swoncest, swagcest and one on one together

Dunno if this went through the first time or not. Best commission of the convention. XD Have some chibi onecest.

((WARNING: This chapter contains adult content. Please read at your own risk.
I’ll tell you why. I was busy.
I had lots of stuff going on and other stuff to sort out, so I didn’t have time to do more than the one page. But also, despite how long this chapter is, I couldn’t really find anywhere interesting to comic, so I just drew them being snuggly in the morning and play with perspectives.
Enjoy :3

*The Once-ler and the Warden are warmly tucked into the Wardens bed, soft limbs lacing in between the others’ body parts as the two cuddling males mould themselves against one another, the previous night being fantastic and long overdue. The younger man is lying on his back, quiet noises of snoring slumber emitting from him with every soft intake of breath. The Warden is still resting on his chest, his head tucked under Oncie’s neck and a lovely grin on his face. The Once-ler’s one arm is up by his pillow and resting under his head while the other is laced around his boyfriend soft middle. His hair is messy and scuffy and as he fidgets a bit it tickles his face, making him grunt to break the perfect silence and open his eyes slowly* Mh… 
Warden: *He’s sound asleep, but at the feel of Oncie moving he snuffles a little, wiggles his nose and opens up his eyes a smidge* Mm- wha? *grumbles and buries his head in Oncie’s front, his breath hot and damp* Go ‘way Jailbot. Mmsleepin’. 
Once-ler: *yawns and pats his head* Again… I’m not Jailbot. Jailbot didn’t fuck you last night. *strokes his hand through the Wardens hair and closes his eyes again, takes a deep inhale, which rises the Wardens head up on his chest, and sighs in relaxation* 
Warden: *Also sighs with contentment, enjoying the gentle rocking of Oncie’s breathing and the hand in his hair.* Oh good~ *Still half asleep* Hate it when he does that~ *Probably doesn’t really know what Oncie meant. His hand lazily pats up the other man’s body, then gently pats his face as he feels out where he is.* 
Once-ler: *decides to ignore that reply since he doesn’t quite get what he meant by it either, he just assumes he’s too dozy to know what Oncie just said* Okay whateve- Mh.. *blinks a bit then keeps his eyes and mouth shut as Warden inspects his face.* 
Warden: *He veeeery slowly sits up right, but then gives up halfway through falls back hard onto Oncie’s chest* Nope. *Wraps his arms around Oncie’s neck and pulls himself closer, his body gently sliding up close to his boyfriend’s. He’s a light, soft weight that’s floppy and delicate in the morning.* 
Once-ler: Mmh *opens his eyes a little more, and feeling the Wardens body slide against his own and move closer makes him smile lightly. He wraps his arms around him gently and strokes the wardens side up and down with his fingers* 
Warden: *that almost-inaudible purring starts up again* Mmhmm… Let’s go again~ *Snuggled up right against Oncie, his body moulding against the other man’s. His limbs are thin and gentle around the Once-ler’s neck and his head nestles perfectly against his clavicle. Post-sex and post-sleep he is very soft-bodied and squishy* Let’s go and never stop~ 

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So this is us :)

toe to toe, back to back, let’s go my love
till morning comes, let’s tesselate